Citation Help

One challenge that arises for students when writing a research paper is correctly citing sources. Not only do you need to worry about properly giving credit to all sources of informartion that you used for your paper, but they need to be orded correctly and labeled correctly. Luckily, there are many websites on the web that can aid you in making sure that all sources are listed, they are structered and labeled correctly, and they fit the the style of the format in which you wrote your paper. These website make writing bibliography pages a breeze.

The vastness of the world wide web may make it difficult to find such a program that is easy to use, does what you need to, and quite frankly the question that we find to be most important, is it free? On of the best websites I have found that meets this criteria would be The official title of the website is "Son of Citation Machine". It isn't too hard to find, when you google search citation, it is the number one result. The site has many qualities that make it stand out from other. First and foremost, it's free. Second, it allows you to use any of the major writing formats that you may be expected to use in your college career. Third, it allows you to look up the books you use by searchiung the books ISBN number. The final reason that this site should be your choice would be due to its user friendly format that is simple to use and very effective.

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