How to Schedule to stay on the four year plan

The best way to structure your schedule in order to stay on the four year plan for a History B.A degree is to get all of your major requirements out of the way as quick as possible. Try to get all of your freshman requirements out of the way within your first year so that from there you can focus on all of your department requirements from your 200 levels to starting into your three hundred requirements. Also do your best to take your language classes one after the other so that there is no time in between each individual class. The best science requirement track to take in my opinion is to take two non labs and one lab science. Once you have all these requirements you can focus on your upper level History requirements like your 300 level classes and then your two 400 level classes. As you are filling these last stages of your History requirements it is a good idea to take care of your Liberal studies reqirements and possibly even consider a minor. If you do decide to take a minor it is important that you try and structure your schedule so you can take care of several classes in one semester, For instance if you decide to Minor in Geography it would be a good idea to take as many Geography classes as possible until you complete the requirements for the minor in order to stay on top of the work. It would be much more complicated to attempt a minor if you had just randomly taken several geography classes over your time at school and then decided you wanted to minor in it. If you stick to this type of program and keep on top of all your work you should be able to get your degree in four years.

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