Jstor is a database available through the IUP Library’s website. It is a non-profit resource that allows you to access thousands of academic journals from all over the world and throughout time. Though it is more useful as an aid to finding secondary sources, some of the articles included could easily serve as a primary source as well, due to the time in which they were created or the author of the piece. The majority of the documents are available in pdf form and can be downloaded to your computer and kept.
To access Jstor at IUP, go to the Library’s home page (http://www.iup.edu/library). Then, click the link that directs you to “Articles and More.” Then proceed to the alphabetical list of databases and select Jstor. If you are on campus, you will be taken directly to the homepage. If not, the site can still be accessed as long as you use the ID number that is found on your I-Card. By entering that number and you last name, you will be able to receive temporary off-campus access to the database.
Once you have access to the database, there are several search options that can be utilized. The basic search option is available on the websites main screen. That option is useful, but can provide a large quantity of resources. To receive more specified results, it is better to use the advanced search. That option allows you to search keywords, author, title, and date. These features allows for a much more specific and productive search.

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