Second Life

One topic from this class that we discussed in which future students should be familiar with in the digital age is "Second Life". This interactive almost virtual reality based network can be not only entertaining and fun but very useful in the subject of history.

First of all, basically Second Life lets a person create a virtual "other you" where you can customize looks, attire, attitude and sometimes abilities. Also it lets you purchase various objects which make the entertaining factor unmeasurable. With this created profile and avatar you may travel anywhere within the database and interact with other people via messages or even web cams and microphones. Within Second Life there are and still being built, many islands for pretty much every theme imaginable.

For history students I image this may be very useful because a lot of these islands are created to look like and produce information on various historical topics. Some places are even built to a virtual scale for a hands on approach at learning and interacting.

Over all Second Life is a very important tool that future History students can learn and interact with basically giving them an unlimited supply of information.

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