The best minors for History B.A majors

The best minors to consider for History B.A majors are ones that can be closely related to the field. It is always a good idea to minor in something in addition to your major because it could give you the leg up over someone who might be applying for the same job as you. It is always good precedent to minor in something that could help you in the specific field you wish to go into after graduation. For instance if you want to work in the Park service it would be a good idea to minor in something like Geography in order to better explain to people the lay of the land or the geography of a particular battlefield. You wouldn’t want to minor in something that you couldn’t relate to your future profession. But there are several options for B.A majors to choose from. Some good options for minors include Geography, Art History, Political Science, Religion, Philosophy, Anthropology, and the list goes on. You are not restricted to a select few in fact these are all great resume builders for many different professions. No matter what you choose it is definitely a good idea to minor in something while at school because it will show your future employer that you had the imitative to look outside the boundaries of your educational track and take some extra classes in order to better yourself, and this could be the difference between you and the person your competing against for a job or even between the amount of money you would be paid. It is more likely that a person who minored in a job specific field would receive a higher pay grade than someone who just did enough to get by in school.

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