Have you ever been in this situation? Weeks go by and you still haven't even started to think about beginning you research paper that you have been putting off for over a month. Time catches up with you and you find yourself up against the wall fighting the fast approaching deadline that is a few hours away. Naturally your first instinct it do get the paper done as fast as possible, as easy as possible. The problem is when most students try to cut corners and half ass a paper, they make some very common mistakes. These mistakes range from not having enough sources, not using the proper sources, getting all your information from wikipedia and then falsely labeling it as another source, or God forbid you plagerize. Wheter you blatently copy someone elses work or try to justify your actions by copying and pasting bits and pieces of information you are cheating. Colleges and faculty take plagerism very seriously and there are some very extreme penalties that result from cheating. To help ensure that students are honestly citing their information and aren't simply stealing someones work, some faculty have you turn your papers into online sites such as turnitin.com which check your papers for plagerism. These sites will take your paper and compare it to websites, articles, and other papers turned in that are stored in a datbase. It wil lthen tell you if and how much of your paper has been plagerized. So the next time you think about trying to cheat to get an easy grade, take the time to propely do the paper so you don't have to worry about cheating.

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