Caitlin Hucik
History in the Digital Age
Assignment: List two areas students should be exposed to and familiar with.

1. IUP Library Services: Familiarity with the IUP Library website and services. Alot of students rely only on wikipedia and Jstor when researching and are not aware of the vast amount of resources the library provides. Access to journals, newspaper databases, and archives are all helpful resources when researching for any level class. I feel that students could aquire a broader range of understanding if they knew what information was available to them and how to manipulate the databases.

2. Google Books: This is an area of the Internet I was unfamilar with until this year. It is invaluable when exploring a topic and even saves time when researching, cutting out time wasted while waiting for a book. While not all books are included, mostly older books out of copywrite, an overview is usually included and can help the student determine whether the book will be helpful or not.

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