WorldCat is a site that searches multiple databases and libraries throughout the world. Though it does not provide digital copies of the majority of the resources, it is a wonderful tool for locating sources. The site is also useful because of the variety of types of sources included in the results. Books, Internet, Visual, Sound, Serials, Archival, Maps, Articles, Scores, and Computer are all listed as result categories. The results can be listed together, or broken down into such categories to make processing the information easier. Because WorldCat extends beyond simply print sources, it can be useful on a variety of projects that other databases might not be. In addition, the site also tells you whether or not the item is available at your college or university. It also shows the number of libraries in the world that hold the item or collection and lists those libraries, letting you know if you could access them through PALCI.
To access WorldCat at IUP, go to the Library’s home page ( Then, click the link that directs you to “Articles and More.” Then proceed to the alphabetical list of databases and select WorldCat. If you are on campus, you will be taken directly to the homepage. If not, the site can still be accessed as long as you use the ID number that is found on your I-Card. By entering that number and you last name, you will be able to receive temporary off-campus access to the database.

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